Welcome to the MBZUAI
Metaverse Center

MBZUAI's full stack AI research center focused on the metaverse
based in Abu Dhabi.

Our Research

Our research in Artificial Intelligence focuses on next generation
immersive communication, digital content generation, spatial
computing, and digital twins.

Generative Reality Lab

The Generative Reality Lab, lead by Prof. Hao Li, explores areas such as Computer Vision, Graphics, and Machine Learning, where his team develops generative AI technologies for digital humans, virtual teleportation, world capture, media synthesis, and visual effects.

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Digital Twin Lab

Prof. Abdulmotaleb Elsaddik directs the Digital Twin Lab, which investigates new digital twin and metaverse approaches to enhance humans with artificial intelligence. His team works at the intersection of Multimedia, Communications, and Extended Reality.
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Our Studio

Our Studio houses the Meta Wall, the world’s first multi-purpose 360 LED space that is built for immersive interactive rendering, data visualization, virtual production, and volumetric capture with controlled lighting.
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